Viking 'Dragon' Revival

We have used this section to show bits and pieces of the Viking Revival style, and present some of our ideas.

Viking carved wood 'Dragon' chair, furniture

'Dragon' Gables

How long did the Viking style last ? When did it start to die out ? Did it ever truly die out ? Can the artistic style of a people, popular for over a couple of hundred years, ever be removed entirely?. Almost certainly not.

Traces of the style remained in the folk art and consciousness of all later generations, which saw the burst of interest at the end of the C19th in Scandinavia.

These house roof gables are early C19th, but are not Viking Revival. They are from Northern Germany, and clearly trace their design to the original Viking 'Dragon' style. They were thought to drive off evil spirits, how Viking ! ( this idea was probably linked with the reconciling of the Christian faith with the 'old' ways of the people ). This shows there was no true break with the past.

Longship Ornament

Viking 'Dragon' Revival artefact ornament

Strangely this piece turned up at auction a few years ago here in Bournemouth. It is a table centrepiece ornament, in the obvious shape of a longship. And superbly detailed it is too. This is quite obviously a Viking Revival piece. It measured 19" long.

Viking carved wood 'Dragon' chair, furniture

'Dragon' Chair.

This is an original Viking 'Dragon' Revival chair, by a Norwegian furniture designer. It is classic revival in style, incorporating all the design elements of chip-carved dragon & human heads and intertwined knotwork, all highlighted with painted designs.The effect is a wonderful design, full of character and respect for the original work.

This is just shown for reference only, to give you ideas for what a good designer can do with this style.

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