Thoughts On Viking Style

Viking Longboat painting by nicholas Roerich

The challenge to any furniture and interior designer is how to recreate a style accurately where need be, and produce new work in that same style that is needed for modern living, without becoming a pastiche. Especially when dealing with historical styles like Viking. The problems are essentially the same as a set designer for a film trying to capture an authentic flavour of the original work. Take a second look at the attention to detail ( or not in some cases! ) in Viking movies.

Did Vikings have wardrobes, lamps, chests of drawers, etc ? No, of course not. But you have to put yourself into the mindset and design vocabulary of an original craftsman, how would he have done it today ?. This is complicated by the fact that over a couple of hundred years there were changing styles to be kept up with. At which point or style do you attempt to go back to ? ( much like archeology ).

This process is further complicated by ourselves. As any designer will tell you, their tastes and way of working are very different to what they were 10 years ago, and what they will be in ten years time!. Your taste, as a customer, will also have changed over that same time span.

In many ways a style of bespoke furniture & interiors like this has no relevance in today's world. It should be left to the world of the museum & colector. Yet think of 3 of the most popular films of recent years - The Lord of the Rings. Many of the interiors draw heavily on Viking design for inspiration.

Viking Revival long ship boat model in metal

Also, maybe we recognise & can now appreciate the craftsmanship used by Viking artisans to produce unique bold designs. The growing interest in hand made furniture can only see the respect for this style continue to grow as well.

The appeal of this style we share is the dramatic designs and the mental picture we have of the period. This is reinforced by our knowledge that the style has stood the ultimate test - Time. It still has the power to hold us and will continue to do so.

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