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new Art Deco stepped Skyscraper style fitted kitchen furniture

Most kitchen companies and designers offer pretty much the same range of kitchens as each other. You see this most clearly in this 'seasons' colours and finishes. Most of them tend to play it safe to reach the widest possible market, which is fair enough. But if you want something really different are you going to use a business which plays it safe or one that specialises in one off commissions? We fall into the latter through choice - we prefer to tackle the unusual bespoke jobs - they give the greatest personal satisfaction and interest. We work with a client in the same way as an architect does when designing a house.

What we really excell at is designing kitchens in unusual styles, such as Art Deco or Gothic or Arts & Crafts. We bring to these styles modern sensibilities to achieve the authentic look but functioning as we expect a highly spec'd modern kitchen to work.

Many customers think they have to shop around 2 -3 kitchen companies to get the best deal. That takes time & effort & probably doesn't achieve what you think it might. You wouldn't shop around for 3 architects, so why do it for a new kitchen. Definately have a look around at as many showrooms as you have the energy for. Find one or two that you like the look of, and then spend some time speaking to them and get a feel for them. Find the one you 'click' with and stick to them - you'll be working closely together for some time on the project so it's important you trust each other's judgements and can work well together. Work with them to produce exactly the design you want at the price you want. Be honest with them about your budget and what you want to achieve for that and they will respond very positively. Good designers are motivated by design not money first and foremost. The old maxim YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR was never truer!

We have shown some of the kitchens we have done in some detail, as it helps you understand the full process of having a new kitchen. We designed & installed 2 kitchens per month for years, so it is not possible to show all of them. Besides, one of the biggest problems with photographing kitchens is that they are often just too small to stand back & take good photos of. Like bathrooms & many bedrooms. That is why so many kitchen companies just use photos from their suppliers, taken in big studios. Which is why they often don't look like 'normal' kitchens. We also show 1 or 2 kitchen projects from start to finish. This way you can see the work & mess that goes into a new kitchen.

new Arts & Crafts style fitted kitchen furniture

We specialise in complete interior schemes, from kitchens thru to complete houses. Quality of design seperate us from others. Quality of materials are important, but its the finished design that decides the sucess of a scheme. We really do go the extra mile to produce the small touches that cap a good job. If you are looking for something 'different' then this is the place to visit.

I spent over a year holding kitchen planning seminars once a month, to train dealers & their design staff in kitchen design & installation. This included Heals on Tottenham Court Road London, so the standards were high. I have 1 ongoing issue with many kitchen designers out there; their lack of hands-on practical experience with kitchen installations. Many of them do not even visit the site of the new kitchen, and usually rely on fitters or project managers to do this, to make everything will fit. It is beyond how anyone can design a kitchen without visiting the room, seeing the practical issues involved, windows/light directions, etc etc.

The team combines interior design and architectural training with a wealth of kitchen design experience - so form follows function ? but doesn't stop there. We produce truly unique, exclusive and bespoke kitchens, marrying unparalleled craftsmanship with stunning pieces of art. Life is for enjoying. Home is where you relax, enjoy life, eat in with family and friends. The kitchen is an integral part of this life. Our kitchens lift your spirits, make you smile, connect with your living space and reflect your personality; then when you don't want to cook, just look wonderful.

new Arts & Craft style fitted kitchen furniture

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