3. Minimalist cream Lacquer

Cream lacquered minimalist fitted kitchen Cream lacquered minimalist fitted kitchen

A very minimalist kitchen in cream lacquer was produced for this Chelsea appartment in London. The brief was simple; make it look as not like a kitchen as possible!

The old living room had approx 1/3 of it devoted to a corner built-in kitchen room. This made both rooms seem very small & dark. This had to be removed to leave a large open plan room, still with a kitchen in the corner, but looking more like a bar or built-in furniture.

Site conditions after the old kitchen was removed The kitchen is stripped back to bare walls to start from the beginning

Every site throws up a few surprises. When we removed the blockwork old kitchen walls ( carefully so as not to disturb flats either side too much), we discovered 2 soil pipes & an air conditioning vent pipe for the whole block running vertically down the back wall! These couldn't be touched. So they had to be boxed in & incorporated into the new kitchen design.

Kitchen CAD designs;
Plan - Kitchen CAD design birds eye plan - Kitchen CAD designs 3D kitchen view - Kitchen CAD designs

The clients wanted a sleek minimal look for the entire room ( & indeed the whole flat, which we refurbished). One of the problems with appartments is they basically have concrete ceilings, which can't be chased out for light cables. The solution was to drop the ceiling a little, so we could run new hidden light cables to the ceiling & wall lights. 4 ceiling spots were positioned over the kitchen as dimable task lighting, as well as under wall unit lighting.

Kitchen being installed;
the kitchen being installed the kitchen being installed
the kitchen being installed Wall mounted kitchen tap, could swivel so flat against side panel

To make the new kitchen as minimalist as possible we designed the units to be handless. Concealed finger grips were worked into the edges of doors & drawers. A glass induction hob & under-mounted steel sink were nearly invisible in most of the room. A wall mounted tap was built into the side wall of the tall cuboard, its spout could swivelled flat against the side panel so it couldn't be seen in the room.

The extractor was a concealed model. The wall units were boxed in to the ceiling, in matching cream lacquer, to allow the extractor ducting to be concealed. A shallow depth tall unit, with only shelving storage inside, was used to hide the boxed in pipes & duct. A tall fridge freezer & storage unit completed the other tall units.

The finished kitchen;
Cream lacquered minimalist fitted kitchen Cream lacquered minimalist fitted kitchen
The living room area with walnut dining furniture to match the floor The island from the kitchen side

Even the plinths were in matching cream lacquer, so they looked part of the furniture. All the furniture was painted in a satin/matt lacquer, rather than the usual gloss, to soften it visually. The walls were then painted the exact same colour, so the furniture blended in even more.

The island was used to provide space for some appliances & visually separate the kitchen area from the living area. A plinth heater was fitted to give an instant heat boost if required. The furniture was topped with a pale grey granite. New flat panel radiators added to the minimal look. The new walnut floor completed the room. The walnut dining furniture was added to match the walnut floor.

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