Vincent Van Gogh's painted furniture from his bedroom at Arles

Van Gogh's Bedroom At Arles

"When I saw my canvases again after my illness, the one that seemed the best was The Bedroom". Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent painted the bedroom and furniture in 1888, for his own bedroom at the Yellow House, in Arles. He enormously enjoyed doing the interior, and made three paintings of it and a couple of sketches. Some of his thoughts on it are worth quoting:
"This time its just simply my bedroom, only here colour is to do with everything, .......nothing, only flat colours in harmony".

"Then there will be my own bedroom, which I want extremely simple, but with large solid furniture........that gives an appearance of solidity, durability and quiet; everything from the chairs to the pictures having character".

We have reconstructed Van Gogh's bedroom at Arles (no mean feat) and it was displayed on one of our two stands at the Daily Telegraph House & Garden Fair 1997, at Olympia. We also supplied the bedroom to the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art, for their major Van Gogh exhibition, in 2001. These pieces are all available for purchase.

Vincent Van Gogh's painting Bedroom at Arles painted bedroom furniture Vincent Van Gogh's painted bedroom furniture from his bedroom at Arles

There is a wonderful feel to the room, which could be achieved quite easily in any room today. During the day the furniture is bright and cheerful, like a summer's day, and at night, in lamplight, it has a wonderful warm glow.

The bed can be supplied as ;-
1) Single bed (3ft) / 2) Double bed ( up to a 5Ft). Van Gogh's bed was actually a small double, but in his paintings of the bedroom he portrayed it as a single. It is supplied with slats, but requires a sprung base and mattress to give it the proper visual height with the curved side rails. The bed side rails clip-on to the legs very simply and strongly.
The black mirror can also be supplied.

Vincent Van Gogh's painted Bedroom at Arles furniture shown in Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum Of Art asked to exhibit our Van Gogh bedroom for their major American exhibtion of the artists' work. Shown in the photograph above. They didn't try to recreate the whole roomset.

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