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New CR Mackintosh console hall table, sideboard, bar or desk/bureau in Oak finish
Bedroom furniture
Cabinets, sideboards, etc
Dining Room
Designing new furniture
Lamps & lighting
Media units

Mackintosh needs no introduction. His work and style has come of age, only a century after he designed it. That a prophet is never recognised in their own time / country was never truer in his case, and sadly he knew it. However, he did leave a wonderful body of work, which has an instantly recogniseable style. We aim to bring you a wonderful selection of Mackintosh reproductions and new work close to his style. We greatly admire Mackintosh's complete interior philosophy, and hope to offer you a very wide range that will allow you to produce your own complete interiors. As designer makers we can produce new pieces in this style to whatever size, style and finish you require. Understanding Mack's design vocabulary so well allows us to design new pieces very much as he might.

These designs are registered as they are added to our website & may not be reproduced in any form without our written consent. All rights reserved.

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