Omega Workshops - Cupboard

new Omega Workshops style painted 2 door sideboard with large foliage design, inspired by a wardrobe for Mdme Vandervelde

This 2 door cupboard or sideboard was inspired by an early Omega Workshops piece of painted furniture for Mdme Vandervelde, to produce a stunning new piece of artistic furniture. This really would be a focal point in any room; this is art you can use. This piece has that certain Wow factor. The door panel designs are a cross between folk art & Cubism. The door rails & sides have a primitive style of painted marbling. The handles are black, to blend in.

The top could be painted wood, stone, Corian, glass, wood, etc.. The sideboard could be made as a 3 or 4 door. It is fitted with internal shelves. It could also have top drawers, but these might detract from the overall clean lines of the design. You can change the sizes / proportions to suit. We don't give out sizes until we've agreed a specification with a client, as made to order.

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