Commision Bloomsbury style furniture

The real test of any style is whether it's design origins can be expanded to encompass a much wider range of items. The work of the artists of The Omega Workshops & later the Bloomsbury Group produced such a body of work & such a readily identifiable style that it has become it's own right.

This means you can either take one original design & use it for something totally different. This is nothing new, artists & designers have often used this economy of designs. Omega Workshops did it as well; re-using the 'Lilypond' table design for a screen.

Or you can design something afresh using the same style as the original. Work often labelled 'in the style of ....'. This requires almost as much artistic ability as the original artists had; to be able to paint well in the style, using similar designs, similar paint treatment & colours, etc. While needing a good eye to replicate a style, it's not beyond a good artist to do it justice.

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Omega Workshops 'Adam & Eve' designs c.1913 by Vanessa Bell adapted to new bathroom furniture designs Omega Workshops Bloomsbury Group Lilypond painted sideboard & wall mirror unit furniture

Much of the painted funiture & woodwork at Charleston for example is not 'high art', ie trying to copying a Renoir or whoever. Many of the designs are abstract which allows some leeway in replicating. Often it's the colour palette & sponteneity you have to capture with this type of work.

Fans of this style are a niche, but they often are quite passionate about the style. Vanessa & Duncan often took pieces of plain furniture, either sitting around Charleston or bought cheaply, and gave it a new lease of life with their painted style. You also could commission such new works.

Or what about getting adventurous? Maybe a new Bloomsbury style painted kitchen, or a new bathroom in this style - see our new bathroom designs for ideas. Or have a new fitted bedroom and paint the robes, etc., in the style. Why not? It's only step beyond where the orginators left off. Would They have turned down a commission to paint a new kitchen ? Doubtful.......

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