'Lilypond' bookcases

New Omega Workshops Bloomsbury Group lilypond painted 2 bay bookcase or display shelf unit

The inspiration for this range of bookcases & furniture was the Omega Workshops design painted by Duncan Grant. The dark stiking pattern was one of the more sucessful for the Omega. Like all of this work this is art furniture put to practical everyday use. This is a cleaner design to the other lilypond bookcases we've shown on another page in this section. The bookcases can be any number of bays wide or even L shape for a corner, and can be open shelved or include some doors. We've shown several design options you could have, to give you some idea of what can be done. As the bookcase is made to order we can change the size and proportion to whatever you want, within reason, and change the finishes as well. The sides can be plain black painted (so the emphasis is on the front design) or the Lilypond pattern can be carried around to the sides as well. As made to order we don't discuss sizes or price until we have agreed the specification with the client.

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Design variations;
New Omega Workshops Bloomsbury Group painted lilypond 2 door bookcase or display unit New Omega Workshops Bloomsbury Group lilypond painted 4 bay bookcase or display unit

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