Bloomsbury style - bookshelf

New Bloomsbury Group style painted bookshelf decoratively painted with mirror inset roundels

The idea for this freestanding bookcase was inspired by an original Bloomsbury mirror frame for a music room interior the Group did in the 30's (see our mirror section). we took the idea and made it a 3D piece of furniture, which works really well. The inset mirror roundels in the face add real eye catching design details. Rather than follow the example of the original artists, in Omega & Bloomsbury, and decorate secondhand pieces of found furniture, we design & produce pieces from new with the designs planned from the start to create unified pieces. The end result is an extremely decorative piece of furniture, and practical too. The designs and colours are typical of Bloomsbury style.

Ideal for a living room or home office. This piece could have solid or glass shelves, if you prefer it for display use. We don't give out sizes until we've agreed a specification with a client, as made to order.

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Alternative uses;
new Bloomsbury Group style painted 2 door sideboard with matching painted mirror frame New Bloomsbury Group style painted 2 door bar, with decorative painted woman & swag on the doors and ornate shaped top section with mirror roundels

Above left the mirror was made the same width as a 2 door matching sideboard. The pair make a great splash of colour and visual impact, whether in a living room or hallway. Above right we took this 1 step further to create a bar or bookcase (see bookcase section for more info). Usually the cupboard base would just be fitted with shelves, but we fit it out as you require. The top section could have glass shelves & top LED lights to use it for display purposes.

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