Bloomsbury style - Bars / drinks cabinets

New Bloomsbury Group style painted 2 door bar, with decorative painted woman & swag on the doors and ornate shaped top section with mirror roundels

A bar seems appropriate for a Bloomsbury style interior, as the original members were a fairly social bunch. It could be fitted with glass shelves in the top and LED downlights to highlight glasses & bottle. We could even glam it up a bit more with a mirror panel at the back.

The idea for this freestanding bar was inspired by an original Bloomsbury design, the flat design being transferred to the doors. The end result is an extremely decorative piece of furniture, and practical too. The designs and colours are typical of Bloomsbury style. The top section was inspired by a painted mirror frame the Group did in the 30's (see our mirror section); we took the idea and made it a 3D piece which fits excellently with the base section. The 2 round swag supports & round flower on the doors echo the inset mirror roundels of the top, which add real eye catching design details. Rather than follow the example of the original artists, in Omega & Bloomsbury, and decorate secondhand pieces of found furniture, we design & produce pieces from new with the designs planned from the start to create unified pieces.

This piece could be adapted to use as a corner cabinet if required. Usually the cupboard would just be fitted with shelves, but we can fit out the interior as you want. The matching top and plinth serve to highlight the door designs, and can be finished as you prefer. We don't give out sizes until we've agreed a specification with a client, as made to order.

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Sideboards used as drinks cabinets;
new Bloomsbury Group style painted 3 door sideboard used as a drinks cabinet

Any of our sideboards & cupboards can easily be used as drinks cabinets. the top being ideal to leave bottles, glasses and snacks sitting on for easy use by guests.

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