William Burges Gothic Revival style painted cabinet

All designs and images on this website are the property of the author, All Rights Reserved. The images may not be used in any way or in any format or medium without the author's express written consent. Infringeing these Rights may incur a claim against offenders.

Please note; Although most of these designs and photos of my work are now marked with the C Copyright symbol, some still remain to have this added to the photos and designs, they have not been registered under/with The Crown Corporation. By registering anything under/with The Crown Corporation is to give them the legal Copyright control, which we are absolutely not doing and have no intention of doing ever - not one of my pieces of property has been registered to The Crown or any of their agents. I retail the full copyright and intellectual property rights to all of my work, and will take steps to defend this under Common Law of England.

The use of the Copyright symbol on my work, images, drawings, CAD drawings, actual pieces made, etc, is intended as a purely quick graphic device to quickly ensure the general public understand these images have full property rights retained by the holder, and can not be used without the holders written permission to do so. This website is regularly backed up into a dated folder as proof of the date this work was protected, as well as retaining the originals in various formats as further proof.

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Author's autograph;
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11th May 2019

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