Aborigine style Bathroom

New Aborigine style bathroom

This is a stunning example of a designer let loose with a themed bathroom. The result is a striking stylish contemporary bathroom with an strong Aborigine look. The aim was to design a clean lined bathroom with a very natural feel and strong Aborigine elements for a fan of all things Australian.

A mid tone wood was used as 1st of the 2 natural colours/finishes, picked out in the flooring, furniture & niches. For the 2nd natural colour the walls were painted in a limestone colour to match the bath limestone surround tiles. This provided the neutral backdrop to display the Aborigine designs to best effect. The main photo above shows these designs painted in tones to match the wood & limestone colours. The overall palette is restrained & tasteful. The circular design used on the vanity doors, bath panel & niches was used for 2 reasons; it echoes the round basin, and this design symbolises a waterhole to the Aborigines (appropriate for a bathroom).

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new Aborigine style bathroom Aborigine style bathroom original plan design

The wall niches are relatively straight forward to build into a stud wall. They have downlighters concealed in the top of each niche, which showcases the niche wall art / wood, and adds dramatic lighting at night when the main light is off. The niches offer plenty of storage for bathrooms things or small display items. Shown above is the original bathroom plan, but it was felt the space was not open enough, so the wall was moved into the bedroom more to generate the extra space. It really benefitted from this. This allowed for a larger corner shower & matching wall niches along this wall.

The vanity unit doors & the bath panel all display hand painted designs, which was important to get the authentic look of Aborigine designs. These were then sealed against moisture. The end results combines contemporary styling with an artistic interior. Doing the design again it would be tempting to make the wall mirror as wide as the vanity base.

Aborigine style bathroom Aborigine style bathroom Aborigine style bathroom
Aborigine style bathroom Aborigine style bathroom Aborigine style bathroom
Aborigine style bathroom Aborigine style bathroom

As a designer it's often hard to just do 1 finished design. There are many ideas along the road to the final bathroom, not least of which is the customer's preference. The above photos show many design variations for this bathroom. Some of them show the niches with less decoration being used, for a simpler more neutral effect; many would prefer the bathroom less visually busy. Some of the others show the introduction of stronger colours, especially red, which lifts the whole look. Aborigine paintings are noted for their bright colouring, so it is appropriate to use them in the bathroom as well. This should give you plenty of ideas. We would be happy to design an Aborigine bathroom for you.

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