1. Painted Wall Cupboard

Scandinavian painted wall cupboard skap from Finland C18th Painted and carved painted Scandinavian Finnish finland wall cupboard farm folk furniture
grained paint on Scandinavian painted wall cupboard skap C18th Swedish Gustavian Scandinavian painted wall cupboard skap C18th Swedish Gustavian

A large C18th style Finnish wall cupboard, with ornate carved cornice and panelled door. The main colouring is an example of primitive Mahogany graining, with beautiful contrasting colours.

To modern eyes this wild painted wood 'graining' looks great, full of folk naivety and vitality, yet in it's day, in candle lite interiors, this would have looked closer to the real thing. This cupboard has been shown heavily antiqued, so it looks 200 years old. Size 81cm x 56cm x 26cm. Made to order.

The raised fielded panel in the middle is painted in wonderful contrast to the dark 'wood' graining. The carved cornice & base moulding match the turquoise of the central panel. A typical feature of these type of cabinets is the heightened top with carved cornice. With the door open you can see the back panel, which also has another paint finish. A glaze coat was painted over a base coat then 'stamped with the side of a fist. A finger then went round the border to give an edge pattern. Makes for a lively surface & colour treatment.

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