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We specialise in one-offs to complete interior schemes, from kitchens to complete houses. Quality of design seperate us from others. Quality of materials are important, but its the finished design that decides the sucess of a scheme. We really do go the extra mile to produce the small touches that make a top job. If you are looking for something 'different' then this is the place to visit.

William Burges Gothic Revival style painted cabinet Art Deco bathroom design

It should be immediately apparent that we are uch more than just another etailer - but judge for yourself. If you're looking for something 'different' or want to commission something unusual then this is the place for you. In truth each of these sections is a website on it's own.

We have tried to keep this site as easy and quick to use as possible. Hopefully you will find it informative and entertaining ( as far as furniture can be !). Some of the sections are actually quite large & detailed.

Our work is about style and styles. There is a high artistic thread running through much of the work, as we have reproduced work by many artists and designers. As designers / makers we happily work to commission, but increasingly we are producing ranges in specific styles. Our aim is to carry on the tradition of exploring the basic elements of good, timeless design combined with a strong feel for the complete interior.

We want our work to reach a wider, design conscious audience, and by dealing direct with you the customer aim to offer excellent value. Our work is usually well researched and authentic in feel, with an emphasis on good craftmanship and design.

One question we get asked alot goes along the lines "how can you do a Van Gogh bedroom, Art deco style, Gothic, etc, shouldn't you specialise in 1 style?"
We have no intention of becoming 'typecast' to one style, as the basic elements of design are common to all styles. Besides it keeps it interesting for us. The breadth and depth of work is continually growing, and this development will increase.

So browse through some of the work we produce. We appreciate all feedback. An order form is supplied, or use the contact page for more information. We believe in treating visitors to our site with respect, and do not install cookies. Likewise, we do not sell or pass mailing lists on to any third parties.

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Charlieroe is not a person - it was a nickname that stuck ! The name was changed to The Design Service to reflect the wider range of work we do.

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