CR Mackintosh - Kitchen Introduction

Anyone doing research for a new CR Mackintosh kitchen on the web is generally going to be disappointed, for 2 reasons. Firstly, there are so many companies offering Mack kitchens who have just used his name as a marketing tool, their kitchens have little if anything to do with mackintosh style.

Secondly, there are actually very few companies who have actually produced something sympathetic to Mackintosh; but that could be a chicken & egg situation, as there are maybe not that many customers who want an authentic feel Mack kitchen.

So hopefully our section on Mackintosh kitchens will help you appreciate what you can achieve trying to do a mack style kitchen. As designer makers of kitchens & bespoke furniture, and huge Mack fans, we can design & install a new bespoke kitchen exactly to your specification.

CR Mackintosh kitchen being installed, & the mess involved the newly installed CR Mackintosh kitchen

Kitchens are a very practical business. At this initial stage of looking for ideas you should also think of the practicalities involved as well. See the photos below; there is a 'pain' barrier to go through before you end up with that stunning kitchen! Truly bespoke kitchens like these can take 2.5 - 4 months from start to finish, longer if there is structural work involved.

Budget Budget Budget! It is you who sets the budget not us. The budget affects everything from day one. Please read this page on budgets for an appreciation of what this really means.

CR Mackintosh style radiator

As the saying goes 'the devil's in the detail'. If you are trying to achieve a mackintosh kitchen, the more authentic details you can add the better the whole room will look. Radiators are a case in point. These radiators fit in excellently with mackintosh interior schemes, mainly because of the square cut-out's, seen on much of his furniture. They come in a range of sizes & finishes, and can be portrait or landscape.

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