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Charles Rennie CR Mackintosh white painted bed & bedroom furniture Charles Rennie CR Mackintosh bed, wardrobe & bedroom furniture

While most of us would love to have a bedroom typical of Mackintosh's bedroom sizes, with the architectural detail to match; most of us have to live in smaller proportioned rooms. And if we want to recreate the Mackintosh look we have to work within those limitations. White painted furniture has the advantage of making a smaller room appear larger & brighter.

This room is a typical example of that. The room is not large, but has a nice Mackintosh feel. The owners wanted to recreate their own tribute to the Mackintosh style rather than copying it exactly. While some purists might poo-poo such a scheme, it was made in the right spirit and does capture the feel of his interiors.

The bed is obviously the dominant piece in the room. The headboard is quite easily achieved, and can be either a painted and stencilled board, or appliqued squares onto an upholstered headboard (or inset squares, more work though). Either is quite cost effective. The duvet cover echoes the square designs.

The cotton curtains use a design from curtains at Hill house. The furniture was all painted white and was relatively cost effective to produce. Some Mackintosh style cabinet handles add to the effect ( see separate page for our Mackintosh style handles ).

Charles Rennie CR Mackintosh white painted wardrobe & bedroom furniture Charles Rennie CR Mackintosh white painted wardrobe & bedroom furniture

The pair of wardrobes had a design painted on the front doors to create an instant Mackintosh look. The design used was the famous one from the inside doors of a cupboard for his own use.

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