C18th Painted Beds

Tyrolean Alpine painted bed and bedroom furniture

We have shown you a couple of lovely examples of painted beds in this style that we could produce for you. The painted beds of this region and this period showed the greatest invention imaginable in their designs, rivalled only by Scandinavian beds of the same period. We can reproduce many beds in this style, to your own size requirements. This bed was painted in 1836, and was probably part of a newly married couple's bedroom suite. It is a gorgeous design, with wonderful swirling red and blue graining covering the main frame. This particular example is more unusual than most for this colouring.

This vividness of design and colour is so typical of the best folk furniture, that we sometimes can forget that they would be used in rooms lit by candle light or oil lamp only, and must have created a magical interior effect.

Tyrolean Alpine painted bed and bedroom furniture

Although the beds varied greatly, they usually conformed to one main painted panel on the head and foot board. The foot board panel often was painted with a beautifully naive painted version of a local town. The headboard panel often used a vase of flowers or a saint ( as shown here ) the for the design. The colouring on this bed is more typical of the style. The 'Kleister' graining was a wild painted folk interpretation of wood veneering. But under low lamp light it would have looked more toned down.

It is interesting how art styles keep re-inventing themselves - these wild graining patterns and the same colouring were used by the Cubists and Futurists in the early C20th.

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