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Panelling a bathroom can make for a very strong Arts & Crafts look. Shown below are a few examples, you will be able to see a lot more shortly in the main Arts & Crafts panelling pages. We can design, supply & install whatever style of panelling you prefer.

Bathroom panelling;
Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement bathroom panelling

This is a different wall treatment suitable for a Morris bathroom. The walls have been panelled & painted in white. A Morris dark blue has been painted above the panelling for contrast & on the bath, but Morris wallpaper would have been equally good. White painted panelling was a feature used by Morris & Webb from the Red house through to Standen. The white panelling allows you to paint white any other woodwork in the room, ie a vanity unit, bath panelling, etc., or a rich oak vanity would stand out beautifully against the white panelling.

Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement green painted wall panelling for a bathroom Wm Morris Red house dining room red dresser & white panelling

The top LH photo is of one of our designs for an Arts & Crafts room. The panelling is painted a Morris green, influenced by Standen panelling. Above this is Morris's Willow Bough wallpaper, and above that a Cotwolds plaster frieze.

The photo top RH is from Wm Morris's Red House dining room. The chest height panelling was painted white, which is very elegant & highlights any colour or furniture used in the room. The panelling itself is simple Shaker panelling, very straightforward to do.

Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement wallpaper for a bathroom Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement room with Morris wallpaper

The top LH photo shows a room papered with a Morris design floor to ceiling. This sets the whole tone for the room. When using wallpaper in a bathroom make sure the ventilation is good, to remove excess steam! The curtains are the same fabric as the wallpaper. The room is nice & bright, suitable for a bathroom.

The top RH photo shows a similar style Morris interior to the LH one. However, the woodwork has been painted soft Morris green & has a different flavour as a result. The painted door shows how you can introduce interest & a more Morris look.

Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement pre-raphaelite panels painting for a bathroom Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement pre-raphaelite wall painting for a bathroom

These 2 wall treatments are for serious fans of Morris style. The LH photo shows Pre-raphaelite style design for painted panels, with sloped ceiling. The panels are painted with a lady & foliage, typical Morris elements. Painted with Morris green woodwork, this recalls the V&A Museum dining room scheme by Morris & Co..

The RH photo above shows another possibility for a wall treatment. The 3 wall panels have been painted with 3 Pre-rapaelite ladies, which is a very strong addition to the Morris look of any room. While it can quite a lot of work & cost to do something like this this is really at the heart of Morris style interior decoration.

Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement stained glass design from Cragside for a bathroom window Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement Angel stainded glass roundel for a bathroom window

Windows & stained glass. Undoudtedly part of the Morris look. You can commission a new stained glass window(s), which is expensive but worth every penny for the effect achieved. You can also wing it; it is possible to use self-cling vinyl glass designs or smaller actual glass roundels to set the tone.

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