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Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement bathroom Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement bathroom

The 2 photos above really capture the spirit of a Morris bathroom, simple yet decorative. You have to remember Morris was active between 1860 - 95; the 'Victorian' era. For those who had bathrooms this would be the style; roll top bath on ball & claw feet, basin on legs with visible plumbing, tiled floors & walls with patterns aplenty, etc.,

The bathroom top LH has a definite Morris feel to it, even if relatively newly done. The encaustic floor tiles are a typical feature of bathrooms, springing like Morris from the Gothic Revival. The walls are largely tiled (to half height), a typical feature; Both the tile colours & De Morgan design tiles really add to the Morris look. A patterned tiled frieze adds to the overall look, but this could equally have been a plaster cornice in style.

The bathroom top RH has a slightly later turn of the century look about it, Arts & Crafts meets Art Nouveau. But the general feel is still close to a Morris look. The floor to frieze wall tiles are in a typical Morris green, with a decorative frieze border above. Straight forward to reproduce. What both of these bathrooms demonstrate is that by getting the room itself 'right' (ie floors & walls) the look has been established, your eye is less focused on the specific bathroom pieces in the room. Add Morris curtains or a blind & the room is complete.

Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement excaustic floor tiles bathroom Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement Willow bough design wallpaper fabric

Another easy variation for a Morris bathroom. The roll-top bath was painted a soft Morris green to match the dado height walls tiles. The walls above the dado rail are just calling out to have a Morris design, such as Willow Bough. The excaustic floor tiles are immensely decorative, under-stated & practical in a bathroom, and lend a strong Morris feel. There are so many colours to patterns to choose from for these floor tiles.

From looking at these you might have the impression you have to use a roll-top bath with ball & claw feet for authenticity. Not so. A built-in bath, so long as it was suitably panelled, would look just as good. There are even many modern takes on these freestanding roll top baths that could sit happily in this style of interior, some being quite contemporary looking.

Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement tiled small family bathroom

This photo above shows you what you can do with a small family bathroom. The room has been tiled to half height. The wall tiles have a Morris border pattern using several tile designs. Below the border the walls have a plain tile, which keep the room light & bright; the woodwork was painted to match these tiles. The walls above the border use Morris's 'Willow Bough' wallpaper, in a blue colourway; this pattern is repeated in some of the border tiles. Due to space the bath has been boxed in & the side panels tiled.

Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement green tiled bathroom Wm Morris Arts & Crafts Movement Dragon's Blood red tiled bathroom

These 2 bathrooms are a modern take on Morris style bathrooms. They rely on the use of Morris style coloured tiles & Morris wallpaper to set the look of the room. The LH bathroom was tiled to dado height all the way around the room, in Morris blue & green tiles. The RH bathroom was tiled to dado height on 1 wall only & around the bath, in Dragon's Blood red tiles. Both bathrooms would be suitable for a typical family bathroom without too much work.

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