Arts & Crafts Kitchens - Introduction

New Arts and Crafts movement oak unfitted look kitchen furniture

What is an Arts & Crafts kitchen ? Every designer & maker, both past & present, working in this style had his own individual interpretation of the style. The kitchens in bigger houses were generally servants' rooms, with plain often painted kitchen furniture. Ordinary houses generally had very basic kitchens. The modern idea of a fitted kitchen really evolved during the Art Deco period, long after Arts & Crafts popularity had died down. So there were never many original kitchen designs to turn to for inspiration for new kitchens in this style.

Rather than a totally fitted kitchen look, you should consider breaking this more modern look up with some freestanding un-fitted elements, which suits the style better; ie as the photo above. Maybe the American Mission style houses & bungalows came the nearest to what we think of as Arts & Crafts kitchens. But life moved on from that time. Customers now expect to include many appliances in their kitchen, so that even if the look is old style, it must function as a modern room. The trick is to combine whatever style elements you like to work in a modern way. Original pieces of furniture are often a good source of ideas.

Kitchen budgets are crucial to your plans for a new kitchen, it dictates what you can expect to achieve. EVERYONE has a budget. Please read this page, even though in the Art Deco kitchen section, as it will help you think more carefully about your new kitchen & the budget you'll need for it.

Arts and crafts movement fitted kitchen furniture with FL Wright / Mission style window Arts and Crafts movement fitted kitchen steel handle furniture

The use of authentic looking Arts & Crafts handles & metalwork, as the example shown above, really add an Arts & Crafts authenticity to your kitchen. Spend money on good handles, they'll pay for themselves day in day out.

Structural details in the room are important. The most sucessful rooms are where the designer & customer look at the room as a whole; the 'complete' interior approach is what is so appealing about Arts & Crafts style. For example; consider commissioning a new stained glass window to really emphasis the look, as the example above. Plasterwork can really lend the room a structural Arts & Crafts authenticity, and sets the tone for the whole room, even if the units are quite plain. Likewise, a good Arts & Crafts wallpaper would further emphasis this.

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