Art Deco; kitchen Splashbacks (3)

Graphic splashbacks;
New Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen elevation New Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen with Sunburst Rising sun ray patterns
New Art Deco design for a fitted kitchen elevation new Art Deco Skyscraper style stepped fitted kitchen unit, with Skyscraper motif splashback

You can really have some fun & give this style of kitchen a visual punch with the introduction of graphic or photographic images for the splashbacks, be they printed or painted images. So long as they are covered with glass they offer the same protection behind the hob. The kitchen furniture could be totally plain but a well chosen Deco image (especially with an architectural theme) would totally set the look of the kitchen. And an image with the right colour(s) can be used for accent colours elsewhere in the room. These are the kind of ideas that really distinguish bespoke designed kitchens from the norm. They are not cheap in many cases, but worth every penny.

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