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Art Deco kitchen in orange & aluminium & lots of curves

As you get older, & hopefully wiser, you realise there is nothing truer than 'you get what you pay for'. Whether a kitchen, a car or clothes. This page is really intended to get you thinking about budgets.

Budget plays a large part in the design of a kitchen. For eg, a good Gaggenau oven can cost 10 times the price of the cheapest trade oven/hob/extractor pack. And everything in between. A laminate worktop can be a 10th of the price of a good stone worktop. Etc etc. These are your choices as a customer, not ours as designers. We can influence your choices but you have the last word.

Something that still amuses me as a designer meeting new potential customers is when I ask 'what budget have you allowed for the kitchen project?'; and get a reply along the lines of 'we don't know what a new kitchen costs (it's been a few years since we last bought one).' Which is likely true.

The customers are being cagey. They know they are going to spend some serious money on the kitchen, but until a rapport is built with the designer they are thinking along the lines of 'if we tell him 15k he'll make it 20k+'! Good designers aren't there to rip you off. They get their buzz seeing a kitchen materialise from a sketch/ideas to a completed room their clients love. The business side is the awkward part along the way.

Art Deco kitchen in orange & aluminium & lots of curves

Budget Budget budget! EVERYONE has a budget, even wealthy clients. It is crucial we all start working with a budget in mind from the very beginning. If I ask you 'How much does a new car cost?', you would probably ask me 'well what type of car, make, model, engine size, extras, etc'. A kitchen is no different. You may not know how much a new kitchen costs but you know how much money you have to spend on it. That is your budget.

Your kitchen designer is an interior architect. Open up to them, be frank & tell them everything you hope to achieve for your budget. A kitchen is a large jigsaw puzzle, and we can play around with various parts to try to bring the kitchen in on budget. But be realistic too.

Remember, the whole point of this is you are a big fan of Art Deco, you want to walk into a Wow / glamourous Deco kitchen every day from now on. Thats the only reason you are reading this. You can go for a stunning showstopper kitchen with every Deco touch we can fit in, which will probably be expensive. But you can also be clever with design; get the architectural features right in the room & you could use a plainer kitchen, because your eye notices these more than the kitchen. It's endless what you can achieve. Remember even if your budget is not what you would wish, clever design can often still achieve something very special.

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